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Osiris Private Marketing Solution

You can control your operation cost, the number of employees, processing & finance but not marketing can't you?
Marketing is an external factor which lead to sale and revenue, a key survival factor of a company but ironically it is not easy to control or unable to manage sometimes.

Now adays Marketing has developed to many complicated forms: Above the Line, Below the line, Digital, Social, Lead sale, automation, a Business have to catch up with.
But don't worry We're here to help. 

What are we offering?

And what is the differency between us and  2304 other agencies out there?

More for the same

A success Marketing solution is about figure out the match between customer and your brand, lets start with what they needs and what you are offering. We start with research, analyse and strategic planning.

We don't do "instant noodle marketing" or separate tasks, we do integrated Marketing Campaign which is a combination of many marketing methods or channels to make sure your brand is well presented and stay in customer's mind for a while. 

Intervention your business with the highest level: We also provide business development services so not only your marketing will take into account, your services quality, products, how your employee talking about your brand or even price with be analyse and advise. everything should be well-organized 

We are compact business so we offer more works with the same price.

How we gonna work together ?

Catch Up

Let's meet and discuss about your request to see are we able to support?

The Brief

So now is the time to reveal you desire, what is the objectives and where you want your brand head to. Don't worry if you don't have it yet, we will help you build the strategic plan up to 5 years base on what you have now.

The planning and pitching

Give us 2 -3 weeks to develop a marketing plan for you. We will present a detail plan when we pitching, everythings will be indicated: research, tools, channels, timelines and most important: budget. So far everything is free.

Contract Signing and Execution

Totally convinced?
Lets sign the contract, we're pround of our execution with 100% projects ontime and always meet the KPI. 

Report , Review and training.

Report, liquidation, actual documents and campaign review will be provided. After the campaign we will analyse data  to improve for your next campaign.
We also trainingyour staff to handle the works or results we gain.


  • Consultation
  • Planning


  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • 18% Of the actual spending
  • You'll know the real cost and we will charge 18% on the base price
  • (Orther Agencies: 40-60%)

Keep it a secret

  • Consultation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Lets say you don't care about how much money actually spend 
  • We'll commit to you base on KPI

Last but not Least

Why is it called "private"? We do not taking more than 3 clients at a time to maintaining quality of services.

Flexible and Fast Response, we're working just like your in-house department, cut-off the unnecessary stuffs to work faster.


Everything start with a conversation

Osiris Co., Ltd
8.6 Le Meridien Saigon
3C Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward
Distrrict 1. Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84 93 5828 130