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An Ambitious project that change the way people making money

How an ordinary person start their own business?

Firstly they have to come up with an idea, looking for product, dealing with manufacturer .

Invest their money, doing marketing, packaging ,delivering and tracking their financial. 

Most importantly, they taking the risk just like people do 1900s

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We have the products

Osiris supplying thousand of authentic products , mostly cosmetic & beauty, accessories. Items that easy to sell, and guess what? the price is equal with wholesale price, you can get up to 45% profit.

We have the system

Osiris System listed all the items on the market place with marketing material: picture, content, price. Just search for what you want to sell, set the price you want to sell and promote it on you own facebook.

We do the hard work

Got a customer? input their information. We'll packaging, delivering , collect the money (COD) and then pay you the profit.
We delivery domestic & worldwide with: EMS, Giaohangnhanh, viettel post, DHL, Kerry, Fedex.

You make the money

The pay in and pay out system completely "cashless" with electronic wallet. We're linking with 24 Vietnam commercial banks , we accept VISA & Mastercard. You also can generate the paying link for your customer so their don't have to go to the bank. Once they paid, you get the profit .

Osiris Alliance require Zero Investment

Its too good to be true but we believe we're a part of something bigger, everyone should do their best. 

Osiris Co., Ltd
8.6 Le Meridien Saigon
3C Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe Ward
Distrrict 1. Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: +84 93 5828 130